Aikaterini Michou


Educational Psychology

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3145/22.12.2021/issue 3
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Curriculum vitae

Aikaterini Aliki Michou (BSc and PhD National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, MA University of Geneva) worked as a teacher in primary education for several years. She also worked for almost ten years as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Educational Sciences at Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey. She has mainly taught in graduate programs and she has supervised several MA and Ph.D. students. Her research interest pertains to the personal and contextual factors that are associated with students’ quality of motivation as well as to the learning and wellbeing outcomes of students’ motivation. Her research is collaborative. She has collaborated with internationally recognized researchers and she has gain precious experience and knowledge from this collaboration. She is also collaborating with MA and Ph.D. students and support them in carrying out high quality research. With her colleagues and students, she has published empirical research in journals with high impact factor and she has presented her work in important conferences of motivation and Educational Psychology.

Research interests
  • Personal and contextual correlates of students’ motivation
  • Quality of motivation and students’ learning and wellbeing outcomes
  • Teacher’s motivating style: Its relation to students’ motivation and their behavioral, cognitive and affective outcomes
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