Laboratory for Educational Research and the Study of School Life

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On the Nature of Things
Aristotle. Paired with DaVinci's sketchbook style, for their similarly exacting studies of nature.

Description and history of the laboratory

The “Laboratory for Educational Research and the Study of School Life” (L.E.R.S.S.L.) of the Department of Philosophy, School of Humanities, at the the University of Ioannina was established by Government Gazette 3824/B’/9-9-2020. It was formed from the merging of two pre-existing  laboratories, namely the Laboratory for Empirical Research in Education (332/6-11-2002, A’ 279) and the Laboratory for the Study and Research of Language Education and Assessment in Education (332/6-11-2002, A’ 279) at the same Department.

The Laboratory for Educational Research and the Study of School Life serves educational and research needs in the areas of educational science, with emphasis on intercultural education, comparative education, and the application of anthropological perspectives on topics such as learning, education, and socialization.

The aim of the Laboratory for Educational Research and Study of School Life is to meet the research and scholarly needs in the field of empirical educational research, focusing on small-scale (micro) approaches to everyday school life in Greek education. The Laboratory for Educational Research and the Study of School Life considers school as a socio-cultural system in which the socialization of the child is embedded. It is in school that the learning of the rules and expectations of social interaction takes place: It is here that the biological subject is transformed into a sociocultural subject that acquires and forms its personal and social identity.

The websites of the laboratories that merged to form the L.E.R.S.S.L. are still available. Among other, numerous doctoral theses are deposited there, which were carried out with the scientific support of these laboratories. The old websites can be accessed via the following hyperlinks:

  1. Laboratory for empirical research in education
  2. Laboratory for the study and research of language education and assessment in education