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Reflected Forms
Plato. Paired with Andy Warhol's screenprint style, since his fascination with the degradation of the image through screenprinting echoes Plato's analysis of the forms as imperfectly reflected in the material world.

Description and history of the laboratory

The Research Laboratory of Modern Greek Philosophy (K.E.NE.Φ.) was founded with the P.D. 349/21-11-2002 (F.E.K. 290/3-12-2002, item A’). The Laboratory is home to a multitude of extremely rare and rich independent historical-philosophical Collections, consisting of manuscripts and antiquities of Greek philosophers, thinkers and historians of philosophy, who lived from the middle of the 15th to the end of the 20th century – a set supplemented by Greek publications, which are still serving, and whose number exceeds 43,000 and a series of Archives. Recently the Laboratory acquired the “Archive of Leandros Vranoussi”, which is of particular importance for the intellectual history of Epirus and the Hellenism of the Transdanubian Hegemony. Seminar courses are also held in the Laboratory and periodic Exhibitions of Manuscripts and Antiquities are organized.

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