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On the Nature of Things
Aristotle. Paired with DaVinci's sketchbook style, for their similarly exacting studies of nature.

Academic Advisors

Undrgraduate studies

A΄ and B΄ Semester
Leontsini Eleni, Kalantzis Antonios, Michou Aikaterini

C΄ and D΄ Semester
Mela Aglaia, Grigoriou Christos, Kaltsas Spiridon

Ε΄ and F΄ Semester
Zagos Christos, Garavelas Konstantinos, Palermos Spiridon – Orestis

G΄ and H΄ Semester
Maggini Golfo, Petsios Konstantinos, Rantis Konstantinos

Program of Ph.P.Ps
Sakellariadis Athanasios, Markoulatos Iordanis

Interinstitutional and Interdepartmental Master’s Program “Greek Philosophy - Philosophy of Sciences”

A΄ and B΄ Semester
Maggini Golfo, Professor
Markoulatos Iordanis, Associate Professor
Rantis Konstantinos, Associate Professor
Sakellariadis Athanasios, Assistant Professor

C΄ and D΄ Semester
Each student’s supervisor of his/her Master’s Thesis

Master’s Program “Educational Sciences”

A’ Semester
Gkaravelas Konstantinos, Assistant Professor

B’ Semester
Zagkos Christos, Assistant Professor

C’ Semester
Michou Aikaterini (Aliki), Assistant Professor

D’ Semester
all of the above

The meetings between the students and the academic consultant take place according to the respective office hours of the teaching staff during the semester and/or after appointment via the consultant’s institutional email-address.