Η εμμονή του Σκόρου είναι το φως, μια μανία με κάτι το άπιαστο από τις δυνατότητες του. Η εμμονή της φιλοσοφίας είναι η αλήθεια, ένας εθισμός παράλογων απαιτήσεων. Στο ερώτημα γιατί η εμμονή, κάθε Σκόρος της σκέψης απαντάει “καλωσοριστικά”.
Ecce Homo
​Friedrich Nietzsche. Paired with Paul Klee, for their similar emphasis on delight in primitive forms.
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“Moth” is a group mainly interested in philosophy, art and science. We hope that several more students will be interested in this initiative and that the number of our members will grow. So in this first stage, we use digital means of recording, such as video recordings of people from the field of philosophy, with the ultimate goal of starting discussions around problems relating to thought and science. The video medium offers a lively, and in our opinion, interesting approach to the topics of interest, as recorded discussions are easily accessible and more entertaining for those who are being introduced to philosophical thought.

The format of the questions and the flow of the discussion will be decided by both the interviewers and interviewees, who will be informed in advance of the topics but not of the questions themselves. Our aim is both to delve into philosophical issues and explore what, in particular, motivated the participants in their engagement with their subject. The members of our group wish to bring several participants in contact with the aim of promoting a dialectical approach to common topics.

The length of interviews may vary. Most interviews will take place on university premises. In cases of special events, the interviews will take place at the corresponding venue.

After editing, the videos will be published on YouTube in a channel created for this purpose, which will be entitled “Moth”. The links to the videos will be published on the university page and will be accompanied by a summary, both in Greek and English, of the discussions. The same information will also be published on other platforms run by the Moth team.